Side dishes that delight

Side dishes that delight... About 33 percent The odds that your side dish of baked beans originated from North Dakota, which produced 34 percent of the nation's dry, edible beans in 2009. Another popular Fourth of July favorite is corn on the cob and Florida, California, Georgia and New York and Washington together accounted for 66 percent of the sweet corn produced nationally in 2009. This spuds for you Potato salad and potato chips are popular food items at Fourth of July barbecues. Half of the nation’s spuds were produced in Idaho or Washington state in 2009. More than 75 percent The likelihood that the lettuce on your salad or hamburger was produced in California, still the nation’s top lettuce producer. More than 70 percent The chances that the fresh tomatoes in your salad came from California or Florida, which combined for 70 percent of U.S. tomato production last year. The ketchup on your burger or hot dog probably came from California, which accounted for 95 percent of processed tomato production in 2009. Florida This state led the nation in watermelon production last year ... a whopping 818 million pounds! Other leading producers of the popular fruit include California, Texas and Georgia, each with more than 500 million pounds. 76 million Number of Americans who said they have taken part in a barbecue during the previous year. It's probably safe to say that most of those took place on Independence Day. Sources: U.S. Census; Mediamark Research & Intelligence, as cited in the Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2010 , Table 1203
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