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CBS Pool Party Kicks Off Summer Programming

The annual CBS TV Studios summer soiree wasn't so much a night under the stars as it was one among them. With nary a light in the sky, the rooftop pool area of the London Hotel on May 19 was a who's who of execs and stars involved with new and established CBS and CW programming.

"Under the Dome's" Dean Norris was seen being escorted to a meeting with Jerry Bruckheimer. "CSI's" Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen mingled about, as did "CSI: Cyber's" Patricia Arquette. Morgan Freeman, who is an exec producer on the upcoming CBS drama "Madame Secretary" dutifully obliged journalists wanting interviews while Ben Silverman, who is an exec producer on CW's new telenovela adaptation "Jane the Virgin," pressed the flesh.

Earlier in the day at the summer press junket, CBS teased new shows "Extant" and "Reckless" as well as returning hit "Under the Dome."

There it was learned that "Extant" star Halle Berry, an unabashed fan of exec producer Steven Spielberg's "ET" and the network's hit drama "The Good Wife," didn't do so well with the sci-fi show's zero gravity chamber (although her experience in the "X-Men" movies did help):

Halle Berry on filming in zero G: "By 15 times of doing that, I did vomit. My body was done. It got most of us in the end." #Extant--
Debra Birnbaum (@debrabirnbaum) May 19, 2014
Halle Berry on filming space scenes: Luckily, because I had been Storm (in #XMen), I had been used to flying. #Extant #CBS--
Debra Birnbaum (@debrabirnbaum) May 19, 2014
And that there may be hope for a second season of what is now being labeled a "limited series":

#Extant EP: With summer blockbusters, there are always sequels. So the threat we have established could continue in season two. #CBS--
Debra Birnbaum (@debrabirnbaum) May 19, 2014
In its second season, "Under the Dome" will conquer both biblical imagery and stunt casting, as exec producer and showrunner Neal Baer promised both "pestilence and bloody rain" and a cameo from author Stephen King, who wrote the novel that became the basis for the drama.

#UndertheDome @nealbaer EP: Stephen King has a cameo in the first episode of season 2: "He has this wonderment quality that is infectious."--
Debra Birnbaum (@debrabirnbaum) May 19, 2014
New show "Reckless" promises to add more heat to the summer, claiming to "push the envelope of sexiness on TV."

Things start cooking on June 29 with the premiere of "Reckless," followed by the return of "Under the Dome" on June 30. "Extant" premiere on July 2.

(Pictured: Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson and Morgan Freeman at the CBS Summer Soiree)

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