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Netflix Unwraps New TV Ad Timed to Holiday Season

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The holiday season is high time for digital content consumption, so there's plenty of players in the streaming category stepping up their marketing this time of year. Netflix is no exception, launching a new commercial on Thanksgiving Day that seems more attuned to Christmas. The "Holiday Tree Topper" spot tells the tale of the rowdy McDermott family through the eyes of a Christmas tree ornament who happens to speak in the gravel-voiced Brooklyn-ese right out of "The Sopranos." The spot also introduces a new tagline, "It just might bring everyone together," that positions Netflix as a unifying force that gathers even the most fractious families around the digital hearth. The holidays are a big season for streaming content, and Netflix plans to roll out the second season of original series "Lilyhammer" and introduce kid-friendly series adaptation of the DreamWorks Animation movie, "Turbo."

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