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Apple Offers Refunds to 'Breaking Bad' Season Pass Customers

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Apple has extended an olive branch to angry "Breaking Bad" fans by offering up refunds to disgruntled customers who purchased the show's final season on iTunes.

The cost of the show and what constituted "a season" was the subject of much frustration by customers on iTunes who purchased season 5 of the show last year for $22.99. They thought (or perhaps assumed) they were getting this last batch of eight episodes as well (since AMC dubs all of them "season 5") but that was not the case.

A class action suit was filed against Apple -- even though the call to break up the seasons and how to price them was AMC's decision -- but now Apple has sent an email to customers who bought the first half of the season, offering them a refund.

The email, obtained by, reads:

Dear Customer, We apologize for any confusion the naming of "Season 5″ and "The Final Season" of Breaking Bad might have caused you. While the names of the seasons and episodes associated with them were not chosen by iTunes, we'd like to offer you "The Final Season" on us by providing you with the iTunes code below in the amount of $22.99. This credit can also be used for any other content on the iTunes Store. Thank you for your purchase.

AMC's "Mad Men" also plans on splitting its final season two. We'll see how Apple and AMC decide to handle that one.

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