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Apple TV Update Yanked After It Renders Some Set-Tops Useless

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Apple has suspended the version 6.0 update for Apple TV, which adds features including the streaming-music iTunes Radio service, after users reported it disabled access to services or in some cases stopped working altogether.

Some Apple TV units have been "permanently bricked" -- that is, rendered inoperable -- because of the update, according to Other users said their Netflix and Hulu accounts weren't accessible after the update.

Several users reported issues on Twitter:

Help please! My Apple TV 3 its a Brick now. I was trying to downgrade unsuccesfully--
Lupax (@lupax) September 22, 2013
Thanks to Apple's new apple tv update, I now own an Apple Brick #appletv--
TedB (@calico) September 22, 2013
for whatever reason the apple tv reset and now it won't log in to netflix or hulu. my life is in shambles.--
Kate MacDonald (@coolstorykate) September 22, 2013
Apple did not respond to a request for more information.

The 6.0 update -- released Friday -- added the ability to browse and purchase directly from the iTunes Music Store, adds support for playing video from iCloud photo streams, and provides automatic subtitle selection based on Apple TV language setting.

Apple launched iTunes Radio across other iOS devices on Wednesday, when it released iOS 7 operating system upgrade compatible with iPhone 4 and later smartphones and iPad 2 and later tablets.

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