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Justin Bieber Drives Internet Crazy with Batman vs. Superman Script

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Is Justin Bieber in consideration to play Robin in Zack Snyder's sequel to "Man of Steel," or is he just having a laugh? No one knows for sure, but Batfans were horrified Friday night when Bieber added a photo to his Instagram feed in which he appears to be showing a copy of the Batman vs. Superman script with his name on it. The Instagram was captioned "#robin ??"

While fanboys would likely be even more outraged by Bieber taking a role in the film than they were by Ben Affleck's casting, they're sure to be interested by another tidbit revealed on Bieber's photo: The title "Based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen" refers to the fourth chapter of Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" graphic novel, which could show that Miller's work will influence the script more than previously thought.

Of course, Bieber also shot a video for Funny or Die today...and a prop script would be just the thing to stir up both the Beliebers and the Batfans.


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