Tropical Storm Ophelia falls apart; Philippe strengthens

Sun Sentinel

Say goodbye to what was once a powerful Hurricane Ophelia.

The system downgraded from a tropical storm into a "post-tropical cyclone" on Monday morning, as it moved into the cooler waters of the North Atlantic, theNational Hurricane Center said.

Ophelia was one of two storms this season that died and came back to life, with the other being Tropical Storm Emily in August.

After being attacked by wind shear, what was then Tropical Storm Ophelia was pronounced dead on Sept. 25. Two days later, it regenerated into a tropical depression and grew from there.

On Saturday, the system exploded into a category 4 hurricane with the sustained winds of 140 mph as it passed east of Bermuda.

Tropical Storm Philippe, meanwhile, is forecast to curve northeast in the Atlantic without threatening land.

At 5 a.m. Tuesday, Philippe was about 720 miles southeast of Bermuda, moving west at 10 mph with sustained winds of 65 mph.

The system's intensity has been and down, as its maximum winds were 50 mph earlier on Monday. Before all is said and done, Ophelia could strength into a hurricane.

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