Tea party plans protest at Charlie Crist campaign office grand opening

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Tea Party Fort Lauderdale is organizing a protest outside the grand opening of Charlie Crist’s South Florida headquarters grand opening.

Members got an alert Tuesday morning about the protest, planned for 11:30 a.m. Saturday outside the new office in Plantation.

The office at 320 South University Drive, Plantation, is scheduled to open at 12:30 p.m. Crist is slated to be there.

Tea partiers are asked to “come protest flip-flopper Charlie Crist’s” event. Crist has shifted positions on many issues as he evolved from Republican elected governor in 2006 to independent/no party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010 to Democratic candidate for the nomination to run for governor in 2014.

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale – the group whose members gathered every Saturday for years at the intersection of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway – suggested people bring their American flags and recommended signs for the Crist protest.

The suggestions:

•Crist Loves Obamacare

•Crist Hurts Seniors

•Seniors Can’t Trust Charlie

•Charlie Sells Judges

•Rothstein + Crist = BEST FRIENDS!

The last time there was an organized protest at a Broward event for Charlie Crist, it ended up good for Crist and not so good for the protesters’ side.

A staffer for the state Republican Party organized a demonstration – along with sign suggestions – for Crist’s Feb. 20 book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Fort Lauderdale

As he was leaving the Barnes & Noble that Thursday night, a small number of the counter-demonstrators organized by the Republican Party of Florida were still on hand. Many in the Republican group were active in Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, though most if not all had left by the time Crist exited.

One of the people in the group started yelling at Crist, and called him a “commie whore.” Tea Party Fort Lauderdale leaders said they had nothing to do with the man who was taunting Crist.

The outburst was reported by Sun Sentinel Broward Politics on Twitter, which set off a series of reactions.

The Crist campaign sent out an email fundraising pitch to supporters that “individuals associated with the Tea Party decided to hurl offensive, abominable insults at Charlie” and entertainer Bette Midler tweeted her criticism of the comment to her 535,000 followers, blaming “tea partiers.”

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