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Artifacts from Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society

Wooden Spoon Ð This hand-carved, wooden spoon has quite a past. In the bowl of the spoon is written ÒKetch Brothers. Taken by the USS Marion, Mayumba Point, West Coast of Africa. Septr. 8th, 1858. E.E. Stone, Decr. 7th, 1858Ó The Ketch Brothers was a suspected slave ship stopped and taken by the USS Marion of the US NavyÕs African Squadron. Lieut. Stone was put in charge of the Brothers, and he delivered it to Charleston, SC for adjudication. Onboard was a barrel filled with wooden spoons; probably intended for use by captive Africans. The sailors of the Marion apparently took the spoons as souvenirs of their small victory against the slave trade, signed them, and gave them to friends.
Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society / Coutrtesy
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