Spurs wearing LeBron James' shoes during NBA Finals

At least three San Antonio Spurs want to be LeBron James, at least from the ankle down.   

Spurs players Manu Ginobili, Danny Green and Cory Joseph have all worn James' signature shoe this season, and though they're squaring off against their footwear's namesake in the NBA Finals, they aren't planning on changing their sneakers.

"We've thought about it," Green told NBATV. "But you know, why change something that has been working for us all year?"

Ginobili agrees with Green's reasoning, but he has another caveat. 

"The shoes, at 35, are very important, and you don't want to change things last minute or improvise," the Spurs veteran said. "Once I choose one, I stick with it for the whole season." 

James hasn't commented on the Spurs' shoes — each wears the Nike LeBron X — but Ginobili doesn't think he will. 

"I think he appreciates it," Ginobili said. 

What he might not appreciate is the Spurs winning the Larry O'Brien Trophy while wearing his signature sneaker — something that Green thinks would be an interesting foil. 

Said Green: "It would just feel good winning itself, but if you think about it that way, it'd make it feel a little better."





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