Society Scene Broward Week of May 9, 2012

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend Society Scene pays tribute to motherhood by sharing some of our mom's philanthropic advice and their favorite momisms. Society Scene Assitant Editor Abbi Schorr, left, Michelle Schorr Jacobson and Cheryl Schorr at Michelle's baby shower. Advice: Both my parents were very involved in our temple, but my mom placed an emphasis on volunteering versus donating financially. So to this day I make it a point to participate in both ways of giving back. Momism: Although my mom denies ever saying these, my favorite momisms that she used to tell my older sister and I were: "If you don't wear shoes in the car, the car will break down" and "The most nutrients are in the crust of the bread so you must eat your entire sandwich." To this day, I wear shoes in the car and eat the crusts of my sandwich. And I look forward to passing down the same momisms to my future children.
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