Society Scene Palm Week of May 9, 2012

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend Society Scene pays tribute to motherhood by sharing some of our mom's philanthropic advice and their favorite momisms. Society Scene Publisher Stacy Ostrau, left, and Amy Ostrau Advice: Every little girl loves playing dress up in her mom's closet and I was no exception. Putting on her shoes and makeup and jewelry is where my sense of style was developed. But as I grew up I realized her compassion and generosity was the best accessory that she wore every day. Momism: Like mom always said, with the right shoes you can do anything. That meant putting on the perfect work boots for a day of caring; cool sneakers for a 5k run; colorful flips flops for that beach clean-up and sparkly fabulous high heels for the charity black tie gala. We always joked that following in mom's footsteps would always lead you to the mall but the truth is all the paths she led me down were to do the right thing. Happy Mother's Day to the woman who is responsible for the person I am today - my mom.
Gerlinde/Michael Photography
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