Senate throws extra projects into budget

TALLAHASSEE -- With the Senate preparing to vote on its $74.3 billion budget tomorrow, lawmakers did some last minute shifts of dollars to fund a number of special projects.

Here are a few of the new projects tucked into the budget:

* $1.7 million for University of Florida teacher training programs

* $2.5 million for Florida Gulf Coast's Renewable Energy Institute

* $50,000 to improve Rogers Park in Hernando County and another $50,000 to create a county-wide broadband network

* $500,o00 for an expansion of the Naples Botanical Garden

* $150,000 for a pilot program for a mobile farmer's market in Orange County

The Senate also adopted a more substantive change in the budget, putting in a requirement that the Public Service Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of any proposed nuclear power plants that are able to pass on some of the costs of the power plants to the public.  The review must occur before power companies could pass any new costs related to the  power plants to their customers.

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