Photographers near the "Rock of Ages" production

Professional photographers gather on the corner of Moffat Ave and Southwest Second Street near the film production of the new Tom Cruise movie, Rock of Ages, on Friday, June 17, 2011. Attorney Norm Kent, (center, white hat) who is the publisher of the South Florida Gay News, along with the South Florida Chapter of the SPJ filed a suit against the city of Fort Lauderdale. Their complaint is that Fort Lauderdale police told at least two professional photographers they cannot shoot from public areas near the Rock of Ages production. The SPJ organized a "lunch-in" where South Florida photographers ate at Tarpoon Bend and then gathered on the street corners bordering the film production. They took pictures of themselves and police officers with professional SLR cameras, smart phones and video cameras. No one was arrested but Kent and a few other outspoken photographers demanded Officer Brignoni tell them what line they could not cross. The photographers' commotion caught the eye of many pedestrians and restaurant patrons, many of whom didn't even realize a movie with a super star like Tom Cruise was around.
Sarah Dussault/ Sun Sentinel
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