Republicans ready to shake the Broward money tree

Sun Sentinel

Former Broward Republican Chairman Richard DeNapoli is heading back to the East Coast to raise money for his campaign for a Sarasota County seat in the Florida House of Representatives.

But that’s not the high-profile, big-money event for Republicans next month in Broward. On Sept. 9, the night before DeNapoli’s event, House Speaker Will Weatherford is the guest for a Broward Republican Party cocktail reception/fundraiser at the Riverside Hotel.

Lots of people will want to attend the Weatherford event. His job means he can help push an idea into law. And, he has the power to block any legislation he doesn’t want to pass.

The headliner on the DeNapoli invitation might be able to help entice local Republicans to give: state Rep. George Moraitis, R-Fort Lauderdale.

DeNapoli had a somewhat contentious term as chairman of the party, but the host committee for his Sept. 10 event includes a long list of prominent Republicans.

Among them: School Board member Katie Leach; former state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff; party vice chairwoman Christine Butler; party secretary Cara Pavalock; former party chairmen Rico Petrocelli and Shane Strum; Sid Dinerstein, former Palm Beach County Republican chairman; and lawyer-lobbyist Justin Sayfie.

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