Rep. Waldman's aide rocks. Literally.

Legislative aide by day. Chick rocker by night.

That's Melissa Burnos, a former school teacher from Coral Springs, who serves as Democratic state Rep. Jim Waldman's district secretary.

Burnos is also a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. (Click here to view her website.)

I sat by Burnos at the Tower Forum in downtown Fort Lauderdale on Thursday. She was representing Waldman's office there.

Here's what she said about her political life:

I'm new to the legislature, as I began less than a year ago. I've known Rep. Waldman for years. Because of my history as an English teacher and and my communication and people skills, this position is well-suited to me. I love being a legislative aide because I get to assist so many people with so many different issues and I enjoy representing the representative out in the community.

She said she met Waldman through his wife, Angela, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

Burnos signs her emails "Rock hard and loud!''

If you want to hear her do so, click here.



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