Chan Lowe: Pope Francis afflicts the comfortable

His Holiness has a point. In his latest Exhortation, he declared “trickle-down” to be a cruel joke. Further enriching the rich as the best way to relieve the suffering of the economically strapped relies on the consciences of those at the top of the pyramid, and the pontiff wasn’t handing out any papal medals in that department. Lest we miss the point, the Vatican Translating Department, or whatever it’s called, made sure the actual words, “trickle-down,” made it into the English version.


Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) Chairman of the House Budget Committee, are both Roman Catholics. Fortunately for them, they are also Americans — which means that in practical terms, they can pick and choose which words of the Holy Father’s they wish to follow. That’s a good thing, because in one fell swoop, Pope Francis pretty much knocked the scaffolding out from under one of the central tenets of Republican economic dogma.


There’s a Sanskrit saying that goes something like, “There is but one truth; wise men know it by many names.” If you are familiar in the teachings of Jesus, you don’t have to be a Christian to acknowledge that there is wisdom in His words that wouldn’t hurt any of us to heed. That’s because He was tapped in to some universal verities. This pope — much like his spiritual brother, the Dalai Lama — has managed to cut through a lot of clutter to provide us with a clear, simple vision of what those verities are.


It can’t hurt to at least listen to them. Something might — perish the thought — sink in.




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