Palm Beach County changes tourism 'brand'

Sun Sentinel


Even the self-described “Best of Everything” sometimes needs an update, according to Palm Beach County tourism boosters.

The county is tweaking its “Best of Everything” mantra under a new tourism advertising approach unveiled recently to the County Commission.

The county’s latest marketing approach, to be attached to advertisements in magazines, newspapers, websites and other outreach efforts, is: “Discover The Palm Beaches Florida.”

The “L” in “Palm” is shaped like a palm tree.

The new “Discover” phrase replaces the past practice of just saying “Palm Beach County Florida” in advertisements and marketing efforts.

While the new phrase has been well received by many business leaders and county officials, it did raise questions from local communities that don’t have “beaches” in their name or are far from the coast.

To ease those concerns, tourism leaders said ad campaigns won’t all be about beaches. The county’s connection to Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades and equestrian events will also be featured.

“We will be sensitive to the needs of specific regions in the county,” said Jorge Pesquera, president of Discover Palm Beach County, formerly the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Including “Beaches” and “Florida” is aimed at tapping into more international travelers, officials said. The word “Discover” is meant to encourage people to learn more about what the area has to offer and is a word that tested will with women, county officials said.

The “Best of Everything” line will still be emphasized in advertisements aimed at high-end travelers.

But advertisements targeting more cost-conscious travelers will tweak the old version, saying: “Discover The Palm Beaches. The best way to experience Florida.”

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