Coach with child porn

James ¿Shannon¿ Arnett, a Polk County high school teacher and an assistant football coach told the School Resource deputy that he had lost a thumb drive-- perhaps in a school restroom -- and was concerned because the device contained defensive football plays, according to a news release from the Polk County Sheriff's Office. A Lake Gibson High School student turned in a thumb drive in to a School Resource deputy, saying he had found the thumb drive in the school¿s courtyard and that it had ¿inappropriate¿ photos on it, the release stated. The thumb drive did contain some images of defensive football plays...but also had images of girls between 13-17 years-old fully clothed with the photo focal point being their breasts and butts. Some of the girls have been identified as students at the school. It gets worse: Detectives also found two kiddie porn images. The thumb drive was determined to be the one Arnett said he had lost. On Wednesday detectives busted the 41-year-old Lakeland man and charged him with two counts of Possession of Child Pornography after determining two images to be child pornography. Questionable pics were also found on his work laptop.
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