Mayo: Come join my TP party!

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Mayo: Come join the TP party, let's wipe out sale tax on toilet paper

Looks like my renewed effort to wipe out Florida sales tax on toilet paper is on a roll.

In response to my Sunday column launching movement No. 2 (groan) I've received 128 emails (and counting) that I will forward to state legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Scott. That's already more than last year's response through an online petition (89 signatures).

"I give a sheet!" wrote Joan Garrett of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Feel free to share and tell all your friends about my latest campaign. Anyone who wants to join my TP Party should send an email with the words "I concur -- Let's wipe out tax on toilet paper" and their hometown to:

To recap: The state is flush, with Gov. Scott proposing a record $77 billion budget and leaders looking for ways to cut taxes and give back a projected $1 billion surplus. Scott is proposing a $450 million cut on state communications tax on cell phone and cable/satellite TV bills.

I say while they're at it, they should also exempt toilet paper from sales tax, which would save Floridians an estimated $90 million-to-$125 million a year. Many necessities are already exempt from sales tax (like medicine and most groceries) but not toilet paper.

I got a few cheeky responses to the latest column: "Don't waste your time. All Tallahasee will do is tell you to butt out," wrote Tom Glaser.

"If [legislators] don't think it's a necessity, [they] should try using newspapers instead," wrote Delores Rosenbloom.

I also got a few emails which raised some interesting issues. Wrote Rosemary Stamm: "I could never understand why folks who are on EBT [food stamps] can buy soda but not toilet paper. Why do they not cut out the soda and allow them to use EBT for t paper?"

The food stamp program is administered by the federal government, and the cans-and-can'ts of that propgram are a whole other story. For now, I'll be focusing on Florida as the Legislature gears up for its annual 60-day session (March 3-May 1).

Wrote a reader named Ms. Mack: "Please don’t give up.  Everyone I know agrees with you...I cut your column out to hang in my bathroom until they accomplish this law."



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