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Mayo: Blowing smoke for the pope

Sun Sentinel

In a technologically advanced world with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there's something marvelously quaint and old school about the smoke signals that will alert the world when there's a new pope.

Black smoke means no pope.

White smoke means new pope.

The pope who just stepped down (what was his name? he's so last month) moved into the 21st century in December when he started a Papal Twitter account.

So maybe the Vatican should go with the trend and announce the new pope via social media.

The new pope could do a Tweet similar to Tiger Woods' Nike ad campaign when he turned pro. Remember that? "Hello world."

Some rites just seem better sticking with tradition, so I guess the smoke will linger for a while.

But wouldn't it be funny if some renegade cardinal Tweeted news of the new pope before the smoke billowed?

The Catholic Church has had its share of troubles lately, but this would beg a new question: Could someone be excommunicated for communicating?

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