Mayo: An insurance bill for The Godfather

Sun Sentinel Columnist

Coming in January: the Citizens clearinghouse.

The name of it alone scares me. After all, I hear clearinghouse, I think Publishers Clearinghouse, as in sweepstakes.

And that's what our property insurance system closely resembles: one giant crapshoot of a sweepstakes. And it's only going to be worse next year, when homeowners currently with Citizens might be forced to go with upstart, untested insurers they don't know, want or trust.

Meantime, lots of South Florida homeowners are now getting letters for a current wave of takeovers of their Citizen policies from Weston Insurance (which was first licensed in December) and Heritage Property and Casualty (which is nine months old). At least with these "takeouts" (the industry term) customers can still opt out and remain with Citizens.

Click here to read the Sunday print column I wrote about the situation.

And feel free to get in touch with me at if you've gotten a recent "takeout" letter from one of these firms and what your thoughts are.



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