Latest scam: Sending money back after getting check

Sun Sentinel

A Broward reader emailed Wednesday that he had been almost scammed -- before he double checked first.

"I was 'hired' as an assistant to check construction jobs, process payments, send checks to people after depositing a check mailed to me, then keeping $500 each transaction," he emailed.

"I didn't feel comfortable so I took the check to my bank and  the manager checked the routing number and even called the bank -- and verified it was counterfeit.

"Lucky me not to have been so gullible," he wrote.

This follows in the wake of Florida Community Bank in Weston reporting that con artists were using counterfeit cashier's checks that resembled its own to entice people looking to work to send money.

The number of inquiries and complaints about counterfeit cashier's checks have jumped 29 percent in two years in Florida, said Cindy Liebes, the Atlanta-based southeast regional director of the Federal Trade Commission.

Lesson: Beware of any offer that has you sending money to get a check. or Twitter @donnagehrke


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