Carribean Cowboy from Johnny V

Having Monday off can make many people feel like a cowboy. For those who want to live up that renegade-lifestyle, stock up on the Caribbean Cowboy from Johnny V’s in Fort Lauderdale. But, don’t take the roll playing too far. Mango puree and star fruit don’t work well in a canteen. Recipe:2 ounces fresh mango puree2 ounces fresh lime juice1½  ounces lychee simple syrup (see recipe below)2 ounces rum (Mount Gay recommended)3 fresh mint leavesSliced carambola (star fruit) Chili powderPlace all ingredients into a blender and blend well on high speed. Then pour ingredients into a bar shaker with ice to chill. Shake and strain into an ice-cold glass rimmed with red chili powder and garnish with sliced carambola (star fruit). Serves 1.

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