Kathleen Cannon, president, United Way of Broward County

Last week: We can't (or shouldn't) let this week go by without reflecting on September 11th and all the loved ones who were lost. We are forever altered as a people and as a nation. Please let’s never forget, but also, let’s never stop healing. I am continuously awe-struck with the human spirit, and how good does triumph in most people. Godspeed

Sept. 8

Last week: "Too trapped in a war to be at peace, too damaged to be at war,” wrote Army veteran Daniel Somers in a note to his family before he shot himself. A veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes. That's 22 suicides a day. WHAT? Yes, and that is just unconscionable. Get involved locally to help. If you are a veteran and you need any type of help, please call Mission United at 954-4-UNITED. The rest of us call that number to be part of the solution.

Sept. 1

Last week: Sgt.Ty Carter received the Medal of Honor for heroic acts and speaks publicly about post traumatic stress disorder. Firstly, a genuine THANK YOU to all veterans for serving so admirably and keeping us safe. Secondly, it's now our turn to serve our military personnel. A veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes in this country. What? Yes! This is unacceptable and we must act together as a local community and as a nation. Call Mission United at 954-4-UNITED if you are a veteran and you need any type of help. The rest of us, call if you want to be part of the solution!

Aug. 25

Last week: Sex Predators Unleashed. It's impossible not to be moved to tears when reading from victims of sexual abuse and violence.  It's unfathomable that humans commit these heinous crimes.  Regrettably it happens, so as a smart, sensible, action-oriented community, we must take a multi-pronged approach to ameliorate system errors that allow people to go free that shouldn't.  Targeted and mandated treatment for sex offenders, methodical monitoring of sex predators, policy change and legislative advocacy, measured outcomes of recidivism rates and community outcry are a start.  I know it is not easy to create systemic change but we must.

Aug. 18

Last week: Nonprofits turn to branding to raise awareness and funds. It is a misnomer that human service nonprofits are not businesses. We are businesses and our “product” is changing lives forever. Think how important that “product” is to our community. Why wouldn't we spend dollars efficiently and wisely on poignant marketing to our consumers and strategic branding in order to create measured outcomes of success for our clients? It’s an investment in our community to better all of us.

Looking ahead: Are you ready for some football? Let go Dolphins!!!

Aug. 11

Last week: Community advocates both private and public 'banned' together to help outlaw the over-the-counter sale of synthetic marijuana and bath salts. This ban reduced the poison control calls in Florida from 109 in the first seven months from 537 last year. It's not fixed but it is harder for our kids and youth to buy these dangerous and deadly drugs. Well done all! 

Looking ahead: Our Miami Dolphins!! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!

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