Jack Seiler says Democratic candidates for state AG are very different, very qualified

Sun Sentinel

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler said Tuesday both Democrats seeking their party's nomination for attorney general are both well qualified.

“The interesting thing is they both just bring something entirely different to that position of attorney general,” he said.

Seiler has been close to Perry Thurston, a Broward state representative for years. He worked with the other, George Sheldon, in Tallahassee.

“Perry’s been a very good attorney here in Broward County. He’s got a good reputation at the Courthouse and knows his way around the courtroom. He’s been a very experienced trail attorney," Seiler said.

“On the other side, George Sheldon has a career full of experience. His experience comes a little more on the executive side of the office, not necessarily the judicial side. He’s distinguished himself in Tallahassee," Seiler said.

Thurston, who is term limited from the state House in 2014, is currently the Democratic Party leader in the Florida House of Representatives. He lost a race for Broward circuit judge in 2002.

Sheldon served as Florida's secretary for the Department of Children and Families under former Gov. Charlie Crist. He had been serving as acting assistant secretary for the federal Department of Health and Human Services, a post he resigned from to enter the AG race. He’s a former legislator who worked for former Attorney General Bob Butterworth and unsuccessful candidate for the job in 2002.

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