Gaetz names 1st Amendment expert to state panel

TALLAHASSEE -- Senate President Don Gaetz named First Amendment Foundation President Barbara Petersen to a panel designed to evaluate the Legislature's transparency.

“Barbara Peterson is Florida's respected guardian of open records, open meetings and open government," Gaetz said. “Her leadership of the First Amendment Foundation gives credibility and reliability to this important work.  Her expertise in advising public officials, the media, courts and citizens about access to records will lead to more transparency and user-friendliness through a consolidation of many complex and duplicative websites.”  

The User Experience Task Force will make recommendations on how to consolidate existing state websites while making sure public information such as links to state financial records and contracts are made more accessible to Floridians.

The group will begin work immediately and make recommendations for the 2014 legislative session, which begins in March.

Petersen is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and Florida State University College of Law. She has served as President of Florida’s First Amendment Foundation since 1995.





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