Friday Morning Reads: Obamacare, whales and voters

TALLAHASSEE -- Good morning and happy Friday.

Here's what we're reading this morning.



* Sun Sentinel reports that Florida's unemployment claim system will be shut down next week for an overhaul.


* Orlando Sentinel writes about the sticker schock and availability of plans under Obamacare.


* A federal appeals court blocked attempts by environmental groups to stop the U.S. Navy from building a training range off the coast of Jacksonville known as the only birthplace for an engagered species of whale. WFSU has the story.


* The Florida Current reports on Secretary of State Ken Detzner's voter purge tour. Detzner has brushed aside accusations that the voter purge is politically motivated.


* The Palm Beach Post writes that radio spots in support of Common Core. have begun popping up during conservative talk shows in Florida.

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