Instant dinner

From these ingredients, you can at any time make the following. No need to call for takeout. Open the refrigerator, and in 10 minutes you're eating. Scrambled eggs and toast Cheese omelet Sauteed onion omelet Cheese and onion omelet Grilled cheese sandwich Poached eggs on toast Fried egg sandwich Hard-boiled eggs with toast Sliced apple, sliced cheese, toast and butter Sauteed onions in olive oil spread on bread with cheese and placed under the broiler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holly Goldberg Sloan is a writer/director of family films. She wrote "Angels in the Outfield," "Made in America," "The Big Green," "The Crocodile Hunter Movie" and the soon-to-be-finished "Heidi 4 Paws." One for the Table is an online magazine that specializes in food, politics and love. Distributed by Tribune Media Services Inc.
Bob Fila, Chicago Tribune
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