Everglades coach Art Taylor has a whole new understanding of players' concussion pain

Sun Sentinel

The next time one of his players suffers a concussion, Everglades football coach Art Taylor will have a whole new understanding of what the athlete is experiencing. 

Earlier this week, Taylor was studying game film while walking out to the practice field at Everglades. He ended up hitting his head through a low doorway of a greenhouse that leads out to the Gators' field. 

The hit left Taylor feeling nauseous, dizzy, and in need of a visit to the hospital. His diagnosis? A concussion. 

In recent years, concussions and brain injuries have become a hot topic in football. In Broward County, all BCAA athletes undergo baseline concussion testing that helps doctors gauge the recovery process if the athletes later suffer a head injury in practice or in a game. 

Taylor joked he won't be taking the ImPACT test next week, but he left the Gators' 39-7 win over South Plantation on Friday feeling a little woozy. 

"I always knew it was bad, but when you feel nauseous like that, it can last for days," he said. "Even tonight I'm feeling nauseous and I have a tremendous headache. I couldn't have played if I were one of these kids."

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