Chan Lowe: Charlie Crist's big tease

Poor old Nan Rich must lie awake nights, pounding her fist into her pillow. Life just isn’t fair. She fights the good fight, stumps the state, humbles herself wheedling and cajoling pennies out of reluctant donors — and yet, the lone declared Democrat in the Florida gubernatorial race can’t get any traction.


Everybody’s waiting for The Big Tease to throw his hat in the ring. He’s the one with the name recognition, the one with the only real chance to topple Gov. Lex Luthor. What makes this even more galling for Ms. Rich is that she’s the true Democrat in this race. She espouses all the liberal positions that give Broward voters a frisson down the spine.


And that’s her problem, because only Broward voters feel that way. The guy who glided from a self-described conservative Republican to an independent to a Democrat in just a handful of years is enjoying the luxury of hanging back until a time of his own choosing to declare his candidacy.


Charlie Crist and his handlers know that an early declaration is a necessity only for candidates battling their way from obscurity. Why make it official, only to give Rick Scott more time to savage his reputation? The big money will flow to him the moment he announces — whenever that may be — washing Ms. Rich’s effort into the back eddy of nice tries.


No, Charlie isn’t a genuine Democrat the way Nan Rich is, but the Florida Democratic pooh-bahs don’t care. A win with a cross-party retread is a whole lot better than a loss sustained while standing on principle.


Buck up, Nan. Maybe you’ll get offered a plum job in the Crist administration.





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