Angelo Castillo reassigned at BSO

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo has taken a voluntary demotion at the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Castillo is now director of strategic planning and research. His salary is $121,866. That's a pay drop of nearly $30,000.

This is Castillo's third title.

Originally, he was slated to be assistant executive director of administration, making $140,000 and reporting to James Chinn. That was in January 2013, when Sheriff Scott Israel first took office. (Click here to read "The $255,000 couple." Castillo's wife, Lisa, is the sheriff's chief of staff.) (And click here to read about Chinn, who quit BSO, unable to get along with Castillo.)

Instead he became executive director of finance, earning $150,000.

He's now taken a 19 percent pay cut, as the sheriff reorganized staff. I'm told the demotion was voluntary.

Here's what he said about it:

"My work to date at BSO has involved working on finance, administration and strategic planning issues during the transition. Now that the transition is completed Sheriff Israel is reorganizing the agency. Lots of good creativity is going on and there are numerous changes. Going forward the Sheriff asked me to continue doing strategic planning work while assisting the Community Programs Department in the further development of programs for specialized populations and to reduce recidivism in jails. These programs and goals are central to the Sheriff's mission. Much of my background is in human services and I was instantly drawn to the idea. I consider it an exciting new challenge, the team in community programs is absolutely top notch and I'm really looking forward it.''

 And here's a summary of his job description:

"Under administrative direction of the Executive Director of Community Programs, the purpose of the position is to provide the design and implementation of a strategic management plan and reporting system for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Incumbent works with stakeholders throughout the agency to define the mission, vision and long-term goals, as well as define the strategies and measureable outcomes to implement these goals. Employee exercises critical judgment and initiative and must routinely resolve unique, unusual and complex situations.  Responsibilities require an extensive knowledge of the operation of the Sheriff’s Office administrative systems and its financial structure.  Assignments are received in both specific and general terms with wide latitude for determining methods and procedures.  Position functions as a professional and technical resource to the Sheriff and all agency employees. Performs related work as directed."







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