Delray Beach presidential hot dog poll

Staff writer

Want to know who’s leading in the race for president?

Stop by Dane’s Famous (916 SE 5th Ave., Delray Beach, 561-927-0306) a four-month-old Delray Beach hot dog stand, where owner Dane Lepson is taking the pulse of the nation via sales of hot dogs.


“Romney is ahead by two,” Lepson said Monday. “Obama was ahead for awhile and after the last debate, Romney had another surge.”

Lepson can’t wait to see what happens after tonight’s debate.

When he first started the hot dog poll, he created two distinct hot dogs: a baked bean topped Romney dog for the former governor Massachusetts and a classic Chicago Obama dog for the former Illinois senator.

“People would up and say I want that one, but I hate that guy,” said Lepson. “I just reprinted the menu so they’re both the same. Equal playing field, you know.”

A hot dog with two toppings, chips and soda is $3.

So far, Lepson has had no response from email invitations sent to both the Obama and Romney camps.

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