Chamber climbs rocks, accepts ice bucket challenge

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The Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce's monthly Business After Hours event took on a decidedly more adventurous spin, at the Central Rock Gym on Aug. 13.

Several Chamber members tried rock climbing – most for the first time.

Central Rock Gym manager Jack Hardy said he was glad to host the event, and said he and his team are extremely passionate about rock climbing.

"Climbing is a lot of fun," he said. "Climbing is about reaching the top,reaching your goals, conquering your fears. There's something else climbing does for people. If you look around, people are not climbing by themselves. It's about community, and about hanging out and having fun. Really, it's about sharing a passion for something."

Chamber Predisent Mary Ellen Dombrowski said she has climbed the walls there, and that it is indeed a great sense of accomplishment.

"It felt so great to get to the top," she said. "It's the most amazing thing to see young children and people of all ages do this."

Dombrowski also took the opportunity to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises funds and awareness for ALS – Lou Gehrig's Disease.

She, and four other chamber members, including Hardy, challenged others to either donate $10 and allow a bucket of ice water to be dumped over their heads, or to straight-up donate $100. The moment was captured on video, and broadcast over the Chamber's social media.

Dombrowski challenged the Tolland County, South Windsor and East Hartford Chambers to do the same. She said she is sending in $100, but chose to get doused with icy water nonetheless.

"I had a longtime friend who lost her husband to ALS," said chamber member Mike Ski the Hair Today Salon, who challenged fellow members Joe Jaconetta, Peter Billard and Don Goff, before getting the icy water over his head.

The Chamber also announced that this year's 40th annual Apple Harvest Festival will feature 40 live musical acts throughout the three days of the event.

"Chip McCabe, our new Communications Manager, is lining up 40 bands," Dombrowski said. "We will have three stages going, and we are going to have music from when it opens to when it ends."

Dombrowski added that the festival will require 300 volunteers.

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