Deserters Bobby Lord, Jake Anderson, Kevin Sager, Justin Park, Billy Klein Have you guys ever traveled this far together before? Klein: For a show? No. This is our first out-of-state tour. And it's our first time playing SXSW. Anderson: We've only played probably six or seven shows. What's the status on any new material you're working on? Klein: We're trying to get our EP done, so it should be out soon. The date is still kind of tentative, but it¿s mastered, it's mixed, it's all done. I think we're going to release the EP as a sampler for the LP. What are you hoping to get out of the trip and your showcases? Klein: Gaining the experience of going on the road, away. It's our first time we¿ll be staying together after a show for a certain amount of days. Lord: It's a big test for a band to drive 40 hours together. Are you nervous about anything? Anderson: Money. Just worried about being able to eat while we're there. And get there in one piece and don't lose anything. Lord: Or get anything stolen. Klein: Or get too drunk before we play. Deserters perform March 18 at SXSW and April 14 at Subterranean.
Lenny Gilmore / RedEye
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