Stanley Cup Playoffs GIFs: Blackhawks-Bruins, Game 5

It's here -- Stanley Cup or bust.

RedEye recruited GIF-master Dianna McDougall to join us for Saturday night's Blackhawks-Bruins Game 5 battle, capturing the best and best-worst moments from the game.

Also: Sports Editor Chris Sosa and reporter Leonor Vivanco will be reporting live from the United Center -- give them a follow at @redeyesportschi and @lvivanco for updates.

(We're done for the night! See you back here on Monday.)


Game on!

Michelle Pfeiffer is here! Her husband's (David E. Kelley) brother is the head of amateur scouting for the Blackhawks.

Nice Bruins block. Still 0-0 late in the 1st.

Kaner from the corner! Hawks up 1-0 with a few minutes left in the period.

Can you spot the broken stick? Wobble-d-wobble-d...


Repeat from Kane! 2-0, Hawks.


OK, this one's worse. McQuaid goes to the box for this penalty against Shaw.


20 minutes, guys. Just 20 more minutes.

Bruins score:

One sec, gotta fix my mullet.

That sonovabitch Bolland chucks one into the open net! 3-1, less than a minute to go.

They did it! Hawks are up 3-2 in the series -- on to Boston on Monday.

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