'Sanctuary' preview: Tesla returns for a vampire 'Awakening'


"Everyone’s favorite vampire" returns to "Sanctuary" this week, when Jonathon Young once again spits the snark of Nikola Tesla.

In "Awakening," premiering at 9 p.m. May 16 on Syfy, Tesla teams up with Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) to search a former Praxian stronghold. They quickly learn they may have uncovered secrets of the Vampiris race. You can imagine how happy this makes Tesla, who lost his vamp powers awhile back, making him more irritable than usual. But in "Awakening," Tesla, for once, isn't the guy trying to doublecross Magnus.

"Awakening" was written by Gillian Horvath and directed by visual effects boss Lee Wilson.

Young, whom Tapping called "everyone's favorite vampire," is one of many recurring guest stars who pop in and out of the "Sanctuary" universe but remain favorites of fans and the cast alike. Others include along Robert Lawrenson (who plays Declan Macrae), Jim Byrnes (Gregory Magnus), Ian Tracy (Adam Worth), Peter Wingfield (James Watson) and Vince Gail (Nigel Griffin).

That's may be why Tapping and Robin Dunne had a hard time coming up a list of "ultimate guest stars" during a interview with reporters earlier this spring. Here's the exchange:

Who would be your ultimate guest stars to have on the show?
Amanda Tapping: Wow. We’ve had our ultimate guest stars.
Robin Dunne: We’ve had some great, great people on the show.
AT: We’ve been so lucky. I mean, I sort of jokingly said this once that I think it would be really cool if Helen Mirren came in a flashback as my mom. But, that’s thinking so far outside the box that it’ll never happen. But we’ve been very lucky in that every guest star we’ve brought on has sort of been somebody for the most part who’s not that well known and who has ended up becoming a massive fan favorite. And you know I speak of Jonathan Young, and Ian Tracy, and Peter Wingfield, and Vince Gail; like all these incredible actors have come on our show—and actresses. We had Polly Walker and she was great. We’ve been really lucky. Besides Helen Mirren, I’m not sure who to suggest.
RD: I’d like to see Bill Clinton on the show. I think...
AT: Will’s like, “Yes!”
RD: I think President Clinton should be in the Sanctuary, no?

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