Eliminated: Joe Brenner, NoMi Kitchen

How long have you worked there? More than one year Age: 30 Neighborhood: Wicker Park What's your favorite thing about the job? "It's really cool. It's super sociable, it's upscale but also very comfortable. There's great benefits and great knowledge that you can take from the joint." What's your most memorable story/experience on the job? Working with people who have worked at places like Alinea, Next and the Gage. As well as interactions with customers: "People will come back and see me--I had a couple come back and say, 'Hey, Joe, you made our anniversary.'" What plans or ambitions do you have for the future? Putting away some money to open a restaurant. "I need to leave a footprint here," says the South Bend, Ind. native who's lived in Chicago nearly 10 years. What's a fun fact about you, regarding your work as a server or otherwise: "I'm a movie nerd, and I've been in the [Chicago dining and nightlife] industry for 9 years. I will jokingly be called the mayor." Brenner bartended and managed at Japonais for four years, worked as general manager at Old Town Social, bartended at Roof and State and worked at Rosebud.
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