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East Room

Adi Kanlic, 27 Works at a music booking agency What brings you out tonight? Came out with some friends for St. Patrick's Day and wanted to get away from downtown. Is this a good place to get away? Yeah, I've been here three times, I think, since it's opened. It's got a really cool atmosphere -- a really fun place to hang out. What are you drinking tonight and why? I'm drinking PBR because I'm on a budget. And apparently if you get money out of the ATM and bring them your receipt, they give you a free shot. Are you excited about anything coming up when the weather isn't so awful? Yeah, I guess. I don't remember the last time it was warm. I'm looking forward to all the street festivals and stuff. So would you rather be in Austin for SXSW now where the weather is tamer? I'm from Texas originally, as you can tell by the cowboy hat. I have a lot of friends in Austin; it's great down there but it gets a little chaotic, so it's kind of cool hanging out here just enjoying the week. Do you think it gets as chaotic there as it gets here for the big music festivals? In Austin, it's a lot crazier. There are thousands of bands playing rather than a few and there's a lot of cool parties and industry stuff, so yeah, it's fun. So is the hat something you rock a lot? Tell me about it. It's a Stetson. It's made from beaver. I wear it a lot. It gets a lot of weird looks in the Midwest.
Leon Andrew Hensley/For RedEye
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