Which artist is more outrageous?


Two of hip-hop's top artists will tear up the United Center on Friday night, and if you didn't score tickets, you're missing out. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are top-selling musicians, but they also rank pretty high on the crazy meter. Whether she's wearing a skintight leopard-print leotard or simulating a lap dance onstage (as she did during their New York concert last Sunday), Minaj and her Young Money labelmate know how to put on a show. In fact, the duo even recorded a track called "I Get Crazy," so if they didn't bring it, we'd be disappointed. Which artist is more outrageous? It's a tough call, but we break it down.

Wayne: Long dreads
Minaj: Wears it pink, blue, straight, curly, down and up—sometimes all at the same time.
Winner: Minaj. Though she'd be disqualified if the category exempted wigs.

Tats cover most of his body, including his eyelids, which say "Fear God."
Has one arm tattoo she got at age 16—Asian symbols that translate to "God is with me always"—which she tells Billboard "I wish I never got."
Wayne. Face tattoos are a bold move, bro.

Criminal record
Wayne: Spent eight months in jail in 2010 on weapons charges.
Minaj: Squeaky clean.
Winner (if you can call it that): Wayne. You're not outrageous if the cops don't care what you do.

Wayne: Told Interview magazine he keeps two sharks at his house. "Those are my dudes," he said.
Minaj: Offered $50,000 for the return of her lost pink monkey, Oscar. "OSK!!!! OSK!!!!! Plz come back!!!!" she tweeted.
Winner: Wayne, because the calmer you are about your crazy, the more crazy you seem.

Sample out-there song lyric
Wayne: "My head is the dumbest, I promise. I should be hooked on phonics." ("Every Girl")
Minaj: "You're no match for my Uzi." ("Baddest [Bleep]")
Winner: Wayne, though we couldn't even print most of either artist's lyrics here.

How they "go green"
Wayne: Whipped up a Packers-friendly "Green and Yellow" remix response to Wiz Khalifa's Steelers tune "Black and Yellow."
Minaj: Styled her beehive to look half-cauliflower, half broccoli.
Winner: Minaj. We repeat: Vegetable hair.

Overall winner: Lil Wayne, although perhaps only by Charlie Sheen standards is this really "winning."

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