Gonzalo Segares, 31, Bucktown (Chicago Fire defender)

Do you have any particular tie to the Costa Rican national team? It's an honor to represent your country and wear the badge of the country where I was born. It makes me very proud that I was able to represent Costa Rica [in 19 games]. I know most of the guys on the team from different call-ups and such, so I'm good friends with them. Celso Borges, whose dad also played on the national team in a World Cup, grew up playing with my brother in the minor leagues of Saprissa, so I've known him since was a kid.

Why are you a fan of this team? It's Costa Rica, it's my country. I would have loved to be there. It's unfortunate I didn't really get my chance but I'll always support them and definitely expect them to do well in the World Cup, even though they have a tough group.

What do you love about this team? They're well-organized and I think they could surprise people.

How big would you say the fan base for your team is in Chicago? Not that big. In all my years in Chicago, I've noticed it's rare for me to meet other Costa Ricans, but there is a great Costa Rican restaurant Irazu that I love to go to.

Where do you like to watch games? Usually at home in the peace and quiet, instead of a bar where sometimes it's too loud and you can't find a seat and have to stand the whole game. I'd rather be at home laying on the couch, where I can hear the commentators, in the peace and quiet.

Our team will win the World Cup because … We have the best coffee in the world so they're going to be energized.

Our team's most common yell/chant is … "Ole, ole-ole-ole, Ticos, Ticos."

During games, we have to drink/eat … A beer, Imperial.

If you watch only one player on our team, make sure it's … Joel Campbell. He plays for Olympiacos in Greece but he's on loan from Arsenal. He's done really well lately in Champions League and the Greek league.

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