Eddie Paturzo (left), 25, Hickory Hills

Why are you an Argentina fan? My father was born and raised in Quilmes, Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires. We spent almost every weekend watching soccer from Argentina. Argentine fans and players put their entire heart and soul into the game. Paraphrasing a famous soccer quote that says, "... football is a matter of life and death ... except it's more important," is not more apparent anywhere in the world than in Argentina. I have cried and laughed at the result of a match, sometimes simultaneously.

What do you love about your team?

I love style in which they play. It's very exciting to watch. At times it can be described as a beautiful dance. Their form is the perfect balance of grunt and grace.

How big would you say the Argentina team fan base in Chicago?

According to the 2010 census, there are a little over 5,000 Argentine immigrants in Illinois. You can be sure every one of them and their offspring are fans.

Where do you like to watch games?

I prefer to be at the match. My father, sister and I will always make an effort to attend the game when Argentina comes to the U.S. If they are playing abroad, we usually find out through the grapevine where our fellow Argentines are meeting. Anywhere is fine as long as they serve up some Argentine wine and good food.

Our team will win the World Cup because … We have the greatest players in the world. Period.

Our team's most common yell/chant is … "Vamos, vamos Argentina,

Vamos, vamos a ganar,

Que esta barra quilombera,

No te deja, no te deja de alentar."

(Let's go, let's go Argentina,¿We have, we have to win,¿for these raucous supporters,¿won't stop, won't stop cheering you.)

During games, we have to drink/eat … Malbec and asado. Asado is a general term for grilled meats. We love beef.

If you watch only one player on our team, make sure it's … [Lionel] Messi, of course.

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