GIF Parade: Blackhawks-Red Wings, Game 7

Who's ready for this damn game, huh?

RedEye recruited GIF-master Dianna McDougall to join us for tonight's playoff series clincher, capturing the best and best-worst moments from the game, with Sports Editor Chris Sosa and I commentating.

Seabrook shoots, he scores! HAWKS WIN!!!!! GET THIS DAMN JEAN JACKET OFF ME, IT'S SO HOT! -JG
RAWR! Seabrook score! -CS

(Here's how that revoked goal happened.) Still a terrible call, though. -JG

NBC Sports' talking heads say this goal-negating call sucked. We agree. -CS

Get out of the 'net, you dipsh*t! -JG
Forget something, Shaw? -CS

Ericsson heads to the penalty box.

Red Wings' Zetterberg scores.
Great. NOW Zetterberg shows up. If only he had waited 20 more minutes. -CS

Saaaaaaaved by Crawford.
Whatever the Red Wings' question is, the answer is "Corey Crawford." -CS

Goodnight. -JG
Uhhh, ouch. Niklas Hjalmarsson didn't need his jaw anyway, right? -CS

GOAL! Sharp glides it in.
That's OK, Jimmy Howard. Hossa and Sharp make a lot of goalies look stupid. -CS

From behind:

Stalberg and Cleary get feisty.
"Yeah, Cleary, I said 'Detroit sucks!' Deal with it." -CS

#SeeRedPiles. -JG
Nice try, Wings. The refs totally saw that. #powerplay -CS
Shaw draws a penalty, Hawks go on the Power Play.

Shaw will take none of your sh*t tonight, sir. -JG
"How does my fist taste, Filppula?" -CS

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