Fans aren't the only ones cheering Kane, Toews deals

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It's not just Blackhawks fans who are elated with Patrick Kane's and Jonathan Toews' eight-year contract extensions. Their teammates are thrilled, too.

At the Hawks' seventh annual fan convention this weekend, RedEye caught up with several of the duo's compatriots and asked them to recall their favorite moments with the pair.


Lots of good memories. Just being a young guy coming in and them taking you under their wing and treating you like you're one of the guys. They're both genuine people, so I'm glad they're going to be around for a lot more hockey.


The Stanley Cup, for sure. Those moments, you never forget them. On the ice with those guys, [the] locker room, the whole week following—it's pretty special.


Kane: There's a lot of good moments. Helping him get that hat trick against L.A. a couple years ago to push us to the finals, getting him on that sushi train. Last year, or two years ago, we ate sushi together before every game to pretend or think that we played good because we ate sushi.

Toews: To see him come to the league a couple years before I did, from him being a little boy to leading this team, just seeing how he develops. The last couple playoffs [where] we played together are special to me I feel, to get me where I am.


Kane: Probably playing with him in an under-17 tournament in Germany for the U.S. We were over there and he lit the tournament up. It was unbelievable to watch him play. Even at that age, we were 16, 17, and he was by far the best player.

Toews: I think just the first time I got called up, in the first game I played. We lost to Edmonton 7-3. It was early in 2010 and Johnny grabbed my phone and put his number in and said, "Hey, text me if you need anything." We're the same age, so I think it was nice for me to see that he was very humble and very down to Earth and was willing to help a guy just coming out of college and wasn't really sure what was going on.


Kane: I don't know about one exact experience. I think just the process of being with him for a couple years now and getting to know him as a person and obviously you see how he dazzles people on the ice. Just the whole experience in general, being around him, getting to learn from him and being able to play with him has been a lot of fun.

Toews: Johnny, it's the same thing. Coming in, I started off playing with him as a young guy. He's obviously a great leader and has been through everything and has won pretty much everything he can. So being around him and learning as much as you can.


Kane: I think the favorite moment with the Kaner was in L.A. when we were in the playoffs. We were practicing and after the practice we did special things like 25 seconds and you have to score—you can do anything you want. And we went 25 seconds and Kaner didn't score at all [against me]. I was so happy about it.

Of course some of his goals have been so unreal sometimes. You're just watching from the bench and [you're] like, "Wow. Did that really happen?"

Toews: There's lots of good things with Jonathan. Everybody says he's a serious guy, like that. But we were living in the same building, so it was fun to go to the airport, to practice and to the games in the same car. It was fun to really see what kind of guy he is.

Of course the leadership, how he leads the team in the locker room. Of course there's lots of things that he's doing on the ice, but I think the favorite moments go off the ice for me. You're doing so much with him in the car and stuff like that, so we can talk about something [other] than hockey also.

Scott King is a RedEye special contributor.

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