What are your go-to bars/restaurants?

All the places you couldn't afford in college unless your parents were paying: Koi! Davis Street Fish Market! I bet you feel like a high roller now, huh?

What should you order?

I mean, we've got Alinea, and Girl & the Goat, and … you know what? Just go up to Norris and get one of those buffalo chicken wraps. You know you want one.

What landmarks/places remind you of campus?

Anything north of Belmont, south of Irving Park and east of Southport, since THAT'S WHERE EVERYONE MOVED. Half your fraternity brothers probably live there.

How would you spend your downtime?

The Harold Washington Library is startlingly easy to navigate compared to the NU library, but the stacks feel like home anyway.

--Megan Crepeau

RedEye copy editor, @crepeau

Brian Cassella/Tribune
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