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Bears are the new QB capital of the NFL

For RedEye

Ah, preseason football. So close to the real thing. I had the pleasure of going to the Bears game last Friday, and I'll just say it was preseason for the concession people as well. All they had were fries. I had two.

Some quick observations.

I have a new favorite player. He's tight end Zach Miller, one-time quarterback out of Nebraska-Omaha. He filled in nicely for Martellus Bennett.

Tell us, Martellusm, are you glad to be back? Oh, you've realized what a privilege this all is? Good. Welcome back.

That's good, because I like having five quarterbacks on the roster. You laugh, but I know better. This is Chicago, and we tend to use all of them.

Cutler looks good, and Jimmy Clausen is your No. 2. So sorry, Jordan Palmer. I love your story, but I love Clausen's experience more. Tough business.

Our special teams are not special. Uh oh,

Our linebackers are, well, let's say I, well, let's not say. It's a sinkhole and they're all falling in.

Safeties and defensive backs are fine and thank you, Kyle Fuller, for stepping in right away. We don't have time for projects around here; we're going to the Super bowl.

Laugh if you will but it's a playoff team, and in the modern NFL, playoffs mean you've got as good a shot as anybody.

We have another playoff team in Chicago. It's the Bulls, and we have a schedule. We open against Carmelo Anthony in New York. Let's all go to MSG, get robbed blind on ticket prices and boo the heck out of Carmelo. Trust me, he'll wilt.

Not a tough player. Then it's home against the Cavaliers. Let's rock the UC. I want fights in the stands, I want Cosby sweaters ripped. I want some passion.

Hey, here's someone with passion. Avisail Garcia. Yes! He's close to returning! Imagine if we had him and a healthy bullpen! We'd be right behind … the Royals.

And finally, for some even better news for Chicago baseball. We're going to the World Series. The Little League World Series. Hats off to coach Darold Butler and his team from Roseland. You've given the adults around here something to shoot for.

Bag Boy is a RedEye special contributor.

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