Batman(s), Soxman talk to fans at 'Dark Knight' premiere


Before hearing of the shooting tragedy at a movie theater premiering "The Dark Knight Rises"in Colorado on Thursday night, RedEye followed several superheroes to the AMC River East movie theater in Chicago to talk to mega-fans waiting in line to catch the midnight showing of the Christopher Nolan film. Fans were pumped, theaters were sold out and everyone was excited to see (several iterations of) Batman in person. 

Many consider the movie theater an escape from the real world, a place to enjoy yourself, to laugh or to have an incredible experience as a film lover or trilogy geek, in this case. Though tensions may run high about the experience of going to the movies after the tragic event in Aurora, Colo., we hope this video featuring Soxman and members of Chicago's Octavarius comedy troupe helps us remember that the movies are where we go to have fun. 


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