DJ Zebo, 31, a resident DJ at the Mid (7:15 p.m. Fri. at PlayStation stage)

Neighborhood: PilsenWhy he thinks he was chosen to play right before Black Sabbath: “I’ve done work for (event organizers) C3 before … and I’m a fairly diverse DJ, and one that can read the crowd and really play to the crowd … I think they were looking for somebody that could come out and do a DJ set and kinda cater to that audience that would be out there, and that’s been a huge part of what I’ve prepared for my set.”What to expect: “As crazy as it sounds, I’m playing a lot of rock, metal tracks--a lot of stuff that was remixed into [different] styles of dance music, electro or dubstep, or some flat-out rock tracks themselves. It’s also caused me to put a little bit more in to the visual side of it. I have a gentleman who goes by Brain Killer who has shot some video for my set and will be doing images for it, along with some performers that will be doing various burlesque and prop design and body modification. We’re really trying to push that rock element with it.”Past Lolla experience: Attended in ’94 and saw Metallica and Rancid. Zebo also played the Perry’s stage at Lolla in ’08.What he learned in ’08: “Even if you’re playing earlier in the day, there’s going to be a lot of people out there and they’re going to go hard with it. When I played in 2008 I played something like 1 or 2 p.m., something super, super early. I’m used to playing out at clubs and parties where I’m playing at midnight, so going out there I didn’t know if people would be ready, for lack of a better word, to rage--just go hard and dance and have fun. You usually do that at the club in the evening when everyone’s all wasted and they’re willing to let loose. But at a music festival you don’t need people to be wasted to enjoy it; they’re just there to be part of the experience and I think they get more caught up in it and in turn let themselves have a lot more fun and get crazy because it’s all about the experience.”
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