3 songs I love by Matt Rucins

New: "A Long Time (Chromeo Remix)," Mayer Hawthorne A solid neo-soul track by a white kid from Detroit gets put into an '80s blender by an Israeli and Palestinian from Montreal and ends up sounding like the quintessential early-'10s jam. Old: "Jump Into the Fire," Harry Nilsson I was first introduced to this song from "Goodfellas." Martin Scorsese¿s use of it managed to make an already tense scene even more so. Plus, it has a great drum solo. It would become a staple in my rock set as a DJ in college and still is today, when I decide to drag my records to a bar and press play. Best song to listen to by a fire: "Cargo Culte," Serge Gainsbourg Having grown up in Chicago, I am more than used to the cooler temps in the late-fall and winter and have actually begun to look forward to them because it slows me down and lets me enjoy staying at home. Throwing on an album like "Histoire de Melody Nelson," lighting a fire and keeping the songs on a loop until a few bottles of wine are gone is the way Serge would have wanted it. --Matt Rucins is the talent buyer for Lincoln Hall and Schubas
Photo: Mayer Hawthorne
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