DO wear actual shoes, like ones that cover your whole foot. One miserable day of fellow festers stomping all over your $1 Old Navy flip flop-clad toes is all it takes to learn this lesson. --Lisa Arnett DO leave your Chucks at home. Excuse me while I sound like your mom, but Converse All-Stars are remarkably unsupportive for an entire day on your feet, whether you're curb-squatting at a street festival or braving the mosh pit at a music fest. Just ask any server who has been required to wear them as part of their uniform at Graham Elliot/Pump Room/Oon/fill-in-the-blank fancy-ish restaurant that also wants to convey its laidback-ness through staff footwear choices. --LA DO wear shoes you wouldn't be heartbroken to never see again. After three days of wading through beer, backsweat dripping off the bro in front of you, ketchup drippings and dirt, the only place they will belong on Sunday night is outside your door or in the garbage -- that is, if they're lucky enough to not be swallowed up by the mud pit (which is really mostly goose poop, seriously). --Jessica Galliart Pictured: Muddy fans at Lollapalooza
Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune
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